Team and club Tracksuits

Team and Clubs, are you a Swim, Openwater or Tri club or team?

Would you like club tracksuits that are more functional and beneficial rather than the usual running type tracksuits?

Our Tracksuits are unique, both in the materials we use and the design.

Please take a look at the tracksuits here

We can offer discounts for small quantities in the colours we have, and should you require a larger quantity we can even make them to your colour specification complete with club details/logo.

Please be aware though, these are premium tracksuits, very warm, very durable, and will probably be around longer than the members that use them.

Consequently, these will not be the cheapest tracksuits you can buy, but neither will they be like any others,and value for money?

Most definitely, for we bet you find a whole raft of reasons other than just for swimming to wear it once you have it.

Interested in JQ Tracksuits for your team?

Take a look at our shop and then give us a call to discuss pricing.

Call us on 07795 078859 or mail to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.

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