SUP Magazine  is running a test drive on our Quikdri tracksuits after several boarders started wearing them in Cornwall!

Here are the first SUP pictures and we will be keeping you up to date with the full review when it is released later this month.

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These pictures were taken off of Hayling Island, a hotbed of activity for Stand up paddle, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

In particular Hayling is also good for beginners because of the curved sandbank which creates a natural safety net. Whew!

You may well see us there in the summer if we can get our hands on a Kite board set-up. If you do, come and say Hi!

Note, the tracksuits are designed for before and after SUP boarding and not for on a board, but they look pretty cool on the board!

We think our JQshark looks so cool on the SUP that we need a JQshark Stand up paddle board to match, what do you think?

Pictures Courtesy of Stand up paddle board mag UK . click here to go to their site

Courtesy of Stand up Paddle Mag UK

Courtesy of Stand up Paddle Mag UK