Our Tracksuits are Unisex, below is a guide on sizes, but we would like to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase so please feel free to call anytime if you not sure on 01329 281220 and we will help.

Should you find on receiving your Tracksuit that you would prefer to change to a larger or smaller size we will arrange collection and ship you the alternative choice.

Trouser Sizes :

   S             M               L                 XL              XXL             XXXL

Ladies           10             12               14              14 to  16     16 to 18         18

Mens             30             32               34              36               38                40


Note 1 :  The trousers have a wide elastic waistband with an additional tie. We would advise that you do not skimp on sizing. the trousers are not meant to be fitted like jeans and should slip on easily when dry so that they are easy to get on when wet.

Note 2 : The trousers come in three lengths,   This is the inside leg measurement 29″ 31″ 33″                                                               The 33″ will work up to a 35″.


Jacket Sizes :

                         S             M               L                 XL              XXL             XXXL

Ladies           10             12               14              14 to  16     16 to 18         18

Mens              S             M               L                 XL              XXL             XXXL  


For the mens sizes of Jackets we would advise using the size you would normally buy, for a hoodie or Tshirt, and considering whether you wear it fitted or loose. Our Jackets are not stretchy, so if you wear a fitted large hoody, then you should go for an XL jacket. Please also consider your shoulder size.

Please feel free to call, we are happy to help with sizing 01329 281220


Childrens sizes

Childrens Sizes are listed byt ages, and generally follow standard childrens clothing sizes. Therefore if you child of age 6 but but is tall for their age and wears age 8 clothing then it will be the same for our Tracksuits.

However, the zips in our tracksuits are soft and the trousers and sleeves may be easily rolled up,so some parents by a larger size to allow longer use for a growing child.

The sizes are as follows

3 -4 yrs       5 – 6 yrs          7 – 8 yrs        9 – 10 yrs           11 -12 yrs            12 – 13 yrs        13 – 14 yrs

The 12 to 13 is a full size larger than 11 -12

The 12 to 13 and 13 to 14 both have a 28″ inside leg on the trousers and a larger jacket than the 12 to 13.

Some children skip straight into adults sizes between the ages of 12 and 14, and you will know whether this is the case with your own children, so please order accordingly,

It is important to us that your are able to order the correct size,. We are happy to help with sizing please feel free to call 01329 281220 or email with a phone number or your questions.