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Received from Jonathon Coe – Ice swimmer and veteran of 20 years Open Water Swimming. 

To all open water swimmers and cold water swimmers …If you are reading this then you are thinking of buying one of these Johnson Quikdri Tracksuits.

Well stop thinking and buy it, it will be the best thing you have bought for open water swimming…. ever, even if you own a Changing Robe you will find this Tracksuit an addition not a replacement and its brilliant.

Deciding to buy

I was on the fence whether to buy one or not, but trust me you will not regret it if you buy one. They are expensive but you get what you pay for and the quality is very very good, well worth the money.

Using the tracksuit

I am an ice swimmer so drying off after a swim is very difficult, but now the first thing I do when I come out of the water, is to put my Tracksuit on ,(which is quite easy because of the zipped sleeves and legs) . I then get my feet dry and covered them, put on my hat and have a hot drink.

By this time I have dried off enough inside the tracksuit to be able to take it off and start putting layers on. I leave the Tracksuit bottom’s on till I get home because they are nice and warm. The top is always warm but at extreme temperatures once “the drop hits” it would not be enough.

Other information

I have modified my suit by putting pulls on the zips but I have been told that this mod is in the pipe line. My advice would be to go large on the size. So get off the fence and buy one now. It runs side by side with well known changing robes as a changing robe does not get you dry.

Jon Coe