Quikdri Attends GBIISA 1K Ice Champs

In February, Andark Diving in Southampton hosted the UK’s first GBIISA 1KM Ice Competition in their dive lake, which Quikdri attended.

The course was 4 lanes, straight across the middle of the lake, and at just shy of 50m per length the swimmers had to complete 21 lengths of the course with no wetsuit, just goggles and swimsuit.

All swimmers had to have completed a qualifying swim to enter, and the water temperature had to be a maximum of 5 degrees or lower.

Ambulance services were on hand and all swimmers had to have a full doctors medical certificate to take part, and on the day a prerequisite ECG and checkup both before and after the swim.

They were then allowed to enter a wonderful portable sauna that was on hand to help them defrost!

36 swimmers took part, and all 36 completed the course, all be it a little blue by the end. A Medal ceremony took place at the end.

The following day saw a festival for non qualifiers and included races of 50m 100m 200m and 500m, and a series of relays at the end.

It was an amazing event, and we were privileged to be a part of it.

Thank you to Andark Lake  and ICE Swimming GB

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