About JQ

JQ – Inspired by children, and a love of Water Sports, designed for Athletes…

I seem to have spent all my life in the water and involved in Watersports: swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, Scuba Diving, an unsuccessful foray into dinghy sailing (I spent more time in the water than in the boat!) and  yachting, amongst the many.

For many of us with a love of water, it is a place where we feel at peace, energized and really happy.

The only downside of water sports has always been the limited changing facilities, and the hassle. Throw a couple of children into the mix, and things get decidedly more so.

And so, in an effort to take the dull stuff, such as getting changed, out of the fun stuff, the sport,  the JQ was born.

Whether an Athlete who deals with cold winds on a beach in November, Lakeside activities with limited or no changing facilities, or a parent coping with cramped cubicles and 3 kids, the JQ is designed to make your life a little easier


Whether your water sport is on a lake, the sea, an indoor pool, whether you are a swimmer (indoor or openwater), triathlete, surfer, waterskier, or any one of the many water sports , the JQ is here to make your life a little easier.

JQ – For the love of Water



  • Waterproof peach finish microfiber outer means it is also windproof, and leak proof so if necessary can be put on straight over the swimsuit. (also wipeclean!)
  • Soft Toweling inside removes the need to carry a towel.
  • Zips in the arms and legs means it slides straight over wet bodies with no struggle, just zip the arms and legs once it’s on and go.
  • Towelling inside the hood prevents going out into the cold air with damp or wet hair.
  • If the hood is not for you, it’s removable!!
  • And finally, waterproof pockets ideal for your goggles and wet swimsuit saving on baggage.


And if you are taking the children to the pool :

  • All you need is one locker fee, and your trip to the pool on your own or with the children can be what it should be, a FUN, ENJOYABLE STRESS FREE EXPERIENCE!!!